The Project

TWIST's project is born from the careful observation of the market of the eyewear for the correction of simple presbyopia and is aimed to a dynamic and young-looking consumer.


The components of TWIST, both constructive and assembly have been condensed into a single integrated design. The dimensions and the shapes are such as to guarantee a comfortable fit and a correct reading and the folding and under the front part rotating system of the temples allow the glass to sit in its only 11 mm. polyethylene case. Particular attention has been paid to the object's functionality: although lying with the lenses facing down, they're not touching the contact surface thus avoiding scratches.


's technology is based on the interaction between the SHF (Side Housing Frame) front part, the TSE (Twisting Shaft Endpiece) and the ICH (Integrated Cam Hinges) temples.


TWIST is produced with injection molding process: the front part is made in optical polycarbonate and the temples are made in Grilamid TR90. Both materials are non-allergenic, non-toxic and athermal. Their use allows giving life to the movements minimizing the friction between them and guaranteeing lightness (only 13 grams) and robustness at the same time.


TWIST's quality is born right on the drawing board where we define the parameters that will lead to a high level product. The focal centers are perfectly aligned, the interpupillar distance and the diopter equality controlled.

Enter TWIST world: